Dwight the pup enjoying some shade. The Rose is for us.

Dwight the pup enjoying some shade. The Rose is for us.

Welcome to Villa Capri!

We're Janine and John and we love to live life! We travel a ton with our pup
Dwight all over the world, because life is well...just too short. 

When we found ourselves in the Turks and Caicos Islands we knew we absolutely
had to be there, more than staying at a hotel for a few nights. 

When we stepped into this Turks and Caicos Villa we instantly knew we had to
have it. Why? The house just rocks and you've just never seen turquoise H2O like
this in your whole life. We've traveled the world to find it, it's right here and
Villa Capri sits right on it. 

Sure we could have gone to Hawai'i, it would be a helluva lot faster to get to for us being that we used to live in San Francisco, but the water here, the people, the food and the house are too amazing to pass up. 

Why Villa "Capri"? Because we fell in love with that Italian island first. in fact you'll see pictures of Capri, Italy (taken by our Capri local friend Vicenzo) all over the villa. We love it so much so that each and every year we don't pass up any opportunity to go there with friends and now visit our Italian "family". Now we have our new favorite place in the world with a nod to our Italian heaven.

We like modern design so that's what you'll find in Villa Capri, everything is very modern and superior quality. We're constantly upgrading the Villa because we like to stay in killer places so this has to live up to that too. As a result you'll love it. 

And we live on feedback so anything you say we'll take to heart. 

We hope you take advantage of this special place, you won't be disappointed! 


John and Janine (and Dwight The Pup)