Turks and Caicos Beaches: Sapodilla Bay Beach

At Villa Capri we get this question all the time, "What's the best of the best of Turks and Caicos Beaches?" It's a tough question because they're all beautiful! So we'll do a series of blog posts talking about each one. 

This week it's Sapodilla Bay beach. This beach is an undiscovered gem and it's undiscovered because there are no signs for it. You'd never even know it existed until  you see a bunch of cars parked on the road for no particular reason. But there a reason; it's one of the best Turks and Caicos beaches you'll ever set eyes on. 

8 Reasons to Spend a day at Sapodilla Bay Beach

  1. It's shallow, great for kids, great for everyone. 

  2. You can walk out 50 yards and you'll still only be up to your knees!

  3. Because it's shallow, it's warm. 

  4. There are sea turtles and stingrays. 

  5. You can post up anywhere since the beach if free for everyone. 

  6. You can rent beach chairs, umbrellas, jetskis, paddleboards, kayaks from the guys at Tropical Waves, they're right on the beach. 

  7. Tropical Waves will make you rum punch and bring you food from Las Brisas. 

  8. The sunsets are EPIC!

So there you have it. Turks and Caicos beaches are all super cool, but Sapodilla Bay beach has stolen our hearts. PLUS it's a 2-minute drive or bike ride from Villa Capri :-) Don't forget your Villa Capri beach bag!

Directions to Sapodilla from Leeward Highway:

  • Head down Leeward towards Downtown, at the circle just past DoIt Center take a left onto South Dock Road. 
  • Continue straight through the next circle. - 5 km
  • Turn right onto Chalk Sound Dr. right after the police department - 2.8 km 
  • Just after Las Brisas - Neptune Villas around the corner you can park in the dirt lot. 
  • Cross Chalk Sound Drive you'll see a path (where there are cars parked normally). 
  • You'll be at one amazing Turks and Caicos Beach, quiet beach, Sapodilla Bay!
  • Bring a cooler!