Meanwhile Back at the Villa

We went over to the villa yesterday to find that we had....POWER!! Oh the excitement of turning on ceiling fans and air conditioning. It was too much to handle. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 7.46.56 AM.png

Princie our awesome contractor bought a shiny brand new Shop Vac for me to...vacuum glass bits, and it works like a charm. I got about 2000 sq. feet done yesterday, more today. 

He also started to work on dismantling what was left of our railings, and he's purchased wood for our temporary railings that will go up beginning next week. One thing, because of the hurricane and everyone needing to be ready for vacation season at the same time, it's nearly impossible to find someone who isn't already taken by a big resort. And we have not only Princie, but our folks at Island Escapes who will also help us out getting ready.

The glass guy came out for his final measuring and cut of glass which will begin Monday. 

Our amazing property management company Island Escapes dropped off a HUGE palette of stuff to the villa. We were able to get into the country DUTY FREE, a generator, portable AC, lanterns, batteries, new outdoor refrigerator (Irma was rude to the one we had), replacement outdoor lights, and towels lots of them, (many used to clean water after Irma). Thanks guys!!

On a side note, the government has NOT cleared our plywood through customs yet from the generous GoFundMe page many of you have contributed to. It's sitting in a warehouse waiting to have some higher power "bless" it through. More on it as we know where the h it is. We did get 90 tarps cleared through yesterday so we'll distribute those this week! Because it's rained here a few times they are MUCH needed.