Relief Effort Update for Turks and Caicos

Schools have opened, if you are planning to come here check out Beaches Program Pack for a Purpose. You can stick school supplies in your suitcase and bring them to Beaches Resort where they will be distributed to schools!

Our GoFundMe Efforts...

Our plywood has CLEARED CUSTOMS! This means we'll be able to distribute it this week to much needed families, we will take pix and share. In addition we bought 90 tarps, a thousand plastic ties, 400 towels and will be dropping it off to a distribution center this week.

The Mini packs a donation punch!

The Mini packs a donation punch!

So far your kind donations have purchased:

  • 300 toothbrushes
  • 300 Tubes of toothpaste
  • 40 packages of Handy Wipes
  • 115 tarps
  • 1000 plastic ties
  • 350 towels
  • 80 Tshirts
  • 500 sheets of plywood
  • 36 flashlights
  • 40 bottles of bug repellant
  • 72 pairs of work gloves

We've spent $16,873 of the $26,750 raised so far. We wanted to make sure the plywood made it to island and cleared before our next big purchase which we think might be Peel and Seal to cover the plywood. If you have donated a big THANK YOU.