10 Tons of Rock!

It's been a few days since we've written, only because it's been a bit quiet at the villa . Since the new glass for the windows and sliding doors got installed, and the railings around the deck are almost done, we've been waiting for materials to arrive. The porcelain tiles that will replace the water damaged wood molding during Irma just arrived on island. Now we just have to wait for the tile guy who has been tied up at the Shore Club (beautiful resort) to peel himself away to do our stuff.

Did we mention how impossible it is to find people to do the work that is needed? We are LUCKY to have our GC Princie who is working on 3 villas on Chalk Sound. 

We went to DoIt Center (Home Depot-like) and ordered 10 tons of white rock to cover some ground that we had to remove in order to get rid of some broken glass, thanks Irma. This is what 10 tons looks like. Our buddies Kirkwood and his brother Keith have a crew that have been helping spread it around. 

Side note: It's amazing how some things go ssssllllloooowww on this island but others go LIGHTNING fast. As we were ordering the 10 tons of rock they said "well you can't get this delivered today...it's 3pm already. Is tomorrow ok?" They promised to deliver between 1-5, at 8am they called saying the rock was on it's way...whattttt? We were clearly thinking it would be a week at least!

10 tons of rock!

10 tons of rock!

the rock makes it look awesome thanks Kirkwood!

the rock makes it look awesome thanks Kirkwood!

Our trusty handy-guy Ednel started on 10 smaller projects around the villa. At this point in our relationship, Ednel knows Villa Capri more than we do! We love that guy. He'll start on painting (Irma stole the paint from our walls), repairing the cabinets in the outdoor kitchen, tightening railings and replacing lights that Irma also stole. That B was a thief!

On another bright note, last Saturday Chalk Sound had a block party to celebrate the spirit of everyone through the Irma mayhem. Since there is an awesome mix of people that live here full time and tourists, it was nice to meet our neighbors. John worked a mean grill, we think he flipped over 100 burgers and dogs. The kids enjoyed the bouncy house, we hung with our new buddy and neighbor Anna Maria. 

What's happening in Turks and Caicos...

Regarding the island, things are bustling. We drove by the Fish Fry last night as they were setting up, and there were a ton of tents getting ready for the Thursday night celebration. There are now way more open restaurants than closed ones, I can count the closed restaurants on one hand at this point. Ok maybe two. Of note one of our faves is Somewhere Cafe, which announced opening on November 6. Bugaloos is not open yet, we were out with Omar (the GM) the other night and he says they're trying for November 1. Las Brisas is now saying it might not open until after December, more on that as we know. Kalooki's and Da Conch Shack are not open as of yet, they took it pretty hard. 

Most of the kids are back to school, even if they are makeshift schools. More than 70% of the island now has power. Most of the island has Internet and cable, Chalk Sound does not yet. At the villa we do have these cool routers where you can do light surfing, check email, etc. Who needs TV anyway, enjoy the views and listen to music!

Although a lot of vegetation got wiped out, it's coming back strong and fast. We've had some good rainstorms here in the past few weeks (NOT good for people with roof issues) but it's helping on that front.