An Update On Our GoFundMe Relief Efforts

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We wanted to let you all know what we're up to with ordering and distributing relief supplies from the generous donations we're received:

  • We just got confirmation from the great folks at HIRTAC (Hurricane Irma Relief Turks and Caicos) that the supplies we dropped off last week - tarps, mosquito nets, baby wipes, trash bags, mosquito repellent and first aid supplies - were distributed to families here on Provo and in Salt Cay. Salt Cay is an island that doesn't get enough representation for relief so we're making sure your donations help them:
  • The initial 500 sheets of plywood should reach the island this week! Hopefully it can clear customs quickly, it appears with all the incoming cargo that this may be a little bottleneck. After speaking with a lot of people that are providing aid we think we have a solid plan in place to ensure it gets to the most needy folks. More on that once the plywood lands and we get underway!
  • We have about 100 tarps (tarps are in high demand since they are very useful for shielding from both sun and from rain) that we hope to get on island this week and distributed. 
  • We're meeting with as many 'on the ground' aid groups and workers here to determine the best use of remaining funds, currently just over $10,000. So far it sounds like either all plywood or a combination of plywood and 'peel & stick' an easy to apply roofing material that goes on over the top of plywood to form a complete seal. We want to put in an order ASAP so we can get it in people's hands quickly!

A big thanks to everyone that has supported our GoFundMe page , the donations keep coming in!  As we mentioned, we upped the goal to $35,000 so please share with your friends!