What's Happening in Turks & Caicos and VC

We've been staying in the Grace Bay area until our power comes back on. The Chalk Sound area is notoriously one of the last areas to get power and unfortunately one of the worst hit by the eye of the storm proximity. Good news is that Fortis our energy company is in Chalk Sound replacing poles now. 

Because we've been staying in the heart of the tourist area we've been able to really keep a finger on the pulse of how fast things are moving and they are moving fast! Everyone who lives here knows that this country survives and thrives from tourists so we are working on getting this country up and running. That said even more restaurants and shops are opening every day. New openings include Seven Stars and its restaurants are open, Yoshi's sushi, Grace Bay Club and Infinity Bar, Simone's, Fresh Catch, Via Veneto, Lupo and Shark Bite get added to the list. Schools have started to reopen, we just saw our friends Jean and Jhenny and their little girl had her school uni on!

Now Onto Villa Capri

Railings are in drawing phase almost ready to get made! These railings will hold up to wind (they're not glass) and rust (they're aluminum)! Thanks to Keuka Studios for doing this so fast. 

Our new NON GLASS railings!

Our new NON GLASS railings!

The pool is now filled and we're awaiting replacement for the glass windows and sliding doors. We think we may have found some on island to be installed quickly, fingers crossed. Those two things are the biggest for us. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 10.17.26 AM.png

We're also thinking of rebuilding the island in the kitchen since there was some water damage around the bottom. More on that if we like the price quote :-)

And at last our new "bar stools" were delivered. Epic #fail on who I ordered them from, turns out they're actually dining chairs! Off to the internet we go to replace these, it ain't so easy returning items that were mis-delivered.