Guests Have Arrived at Villa Capri!

We are pleased to announce that after months of work Villa Capri is open for business! A huge thanks goes to our amazing GC Princie, our awesome 'Mr. Fixit' Ednel and his team, and our brilliant property managers Dinesh, Faye and team at Island Escapes. Everyone worked hard to get us back to normal so thanks to everyone. 

Oh yeah, John got a shard of glass in his eye while cleaning and is still feeling it weeks later. Sorry Johnny!

Anyhoo, here are a few pix of the Villa all done up. Two things:

  1. Remember, the outdoor railings are temporary and they still look awesome! Snazzy new cable railings reached the boat this past Monday to arrive this coming week. The challenge will be finding a time to install when we don't have guests!
  2. These pictures are the latest and greatest of the indoor furniture replacement, ceiling fan and indoor lighting fixture so they don't look like the pictures on this website. We were just talking to our photographer about updating the pictures since we've done so much...but Irma paid us a visit. So here you get to see the new, even more modern, look.

In a SHORT 46 days we did this!

  • Pool emptied, cleaned out and refilled - DONE
  • Pergola repaired, new refrigerator installed, cabinet doors fixed - DONE
  • Kitchen kick plates installed, kitchen island repaired - DONE
  • New glass in every window on the back of the house - DONE
  • New tile floor molding around the entire house - DONE
  • New railings around the patio - DONE
  • New barstools - Bonus!
  • New outdoor lighting above entrance, new outdoor lighting around the outdoor wall - DONE
  • Roof tiles replaced - DONE
  • Bedroom closet removed and fixed - DONE
  • Plus, raised $32,000 for rebuild efforts in Turks and Caicos, bought and shipped plywood and roofing materials to the island!

Speaking of our GoFundMe efforts, the next shipment of plywood hit the island this week! We bought 125 more sheets of plywood on top of the 500 sheets you allowed us to purchase already PLUS we bought 100 rolls of Peel and Seal which is the water-proof membrane that goes on top of the plywood. In the event that someone can't put shingles on their roof, this stuff would be enough to stop water from coming in.

By the way, 100 rolls of Peel and Seal = 19,500 FEET of roofing material. This is awesome, thank you all for your generosity, you're helping to get people back in their homes, back to work, school and boosting the economy!

On top of all of this, we did a quick trip to San Francisco last week to finally get our belongings out of storage and onto a truck to get to a boat in Florida to get to our final destination: Turks and Caicos! As we were there we got to see a BUNCH of lifelong friends, we miss you, come visit!