Miami You've Been Good To us But....

Ok, we've been "stuck" in Miami for a week now, waiting for a) that wench Maria to be gone and b) supplies we bought to arrive at our hotel for TCI people in need. So we're attempting to head home on Tuesday, if JetBlue is flyin'.

A group by the name of HIRTAC (Hurricane Irma Relief Turks and Caicos) is going to help distribute what we could shove into two "body" bags to bring on the plane with us: 80 t-shirts, 36 flashlights, caulking, hundreds of stainless steel screws, a few hammers, a drill, 60 pairs of work gloves, 20 tarps, 300 toothbrushes, 300 small toothpastes, 5 mosquito nets and probably a few other things I can't remember. Whew! Every little bit helps.

If you are planning to come to TCI anytime why not pack for a purpose? Pack for a Purpose on Turks and Caicos supports schools so items to donate that don't take up much room in your bags are school supplies!

As far as Villa Capri goes...

  • Our good friend Jamesly went over with his pickup truck to clean up before and after Maria: brush, landscaping and garbage. Thanks J!
  • Thanks to our amazing property managers and awesome friends Dinesh and Julian and team at Island Escapes, we got plywood on our windows and doors to prevent them from breaking and water damage. THANK YOU!
  • We've already ordered a replacement railing for the patio which should arrive in about 6 weeks. It's NOT glass (thank goodness!) but really amazing cable railings so you can see the awesomeness that is Chalk Sound. 
  • We're in the process of ordering all new sliding glass windows and doors, better than the ones we had! 
  • We replaced the outdoor refrigerator which landed in a neighbor's yard, it should get on a boat in a week or so. 
  • We ordered replacement outdoor lights which should be on the same boat if there's room. Roughly 10 of them were broken. 

What's going on in Providenciales?

Obviously we're not on island yet but we are getting first hand from friends what's going on.

Fortis, our energy company, sent additional trucks and manpower on a boat yesterday to arrive today to help restore all power. Currently there is power on approximately 30% of the island. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 12.20.28 PM.png

Stores and restaurants are starting to open. A lot of restaurants usually take this time off and close down for a few weeks to do any repairs. Most restaurants and resorts are planning to open in October, which is a great thing. You can dine at the Vix, Garam Masala, Mango Reef, Coco Bistro, Cocovan, The Deck, Seven, Ricky's, Opus, and Crackpot Kitchen just to name a few! 

With the funds from our GoFundMe page we're in the process of using that money ($22k and growing!) to purchase as much plywood as we can. We'll hope to seal that deal by tomorrow, buy it and get it to a freight forwarder so that people can start putting roofs over their heads again. Again, a big THANK YOU if you donated, we're still taking donations if you haven't. We've even had multiple donations from a few folks! Share it with as many people as you can!