Our First Visit to Villa Capri

Well we went over to Villa Capri for the first time yesterday afternoon. We had huge lumps in our throats as we drove through Chalk Sound. I have to say there were houses that didn't look like much was touched (although all houses had some form of damage) and others that were ravaged. There was no rhyme or reason to it all except for from what we could tell, the ravaged houses may not have been built with solid concrete. 

Fortis, our electric company, started to get down South Dock road, which is the main road many of you have taken to get to our villa on Chalk Sound. That said, there are still poles down on Chalk Sound. There are rumors that the entire island will have power by mid October, which is amazing. Fingers crossed that actually happens. You would think that having the current Deputy Premier and Ex Premier of our country living on our road would have some pull, but in fact it seems the electric company is trying to get electricity to the masses first, which is awesome:-) And I have to tell you, the Fortis guys work HARD. Bravo. 

Onto Villa Capri...

We had 95 feet of glass railing around the pool and terrace completely SHATTER! All but 3 panels, again no rhyme or reason why those three survived and the others didn't. The glass cleanup is tedious, and we'll know more tomorrow as that's what we'll be doing. Island Escapes our property managers and their team really have been awesome helping out on that, other repairs and even meeting with our insurance adjusters. By the way, if you have not stayed at the villa, you will meet our property managers on arrival (Faye, Dinesh or Julian!) and you'll really see how amazing they are. They're working on our villa like crazy but they also have dozens of others they need to cleanup as well. Thanks guys. 

We're upgrading the railings to a really slick-looking cable railing system, NO MORE GLASS!

Our friends at Tropical Waves Water Sports have also pitched in to help in the landscaping & glass cleanup. When you get here you'll visit them, they've got jet skis, tubing, paddle boards and kayaks to rent at our fave beach Sapodilla Bay Beach. 

We're meeting with a window and door distributor this week, we are upgrading our sliders and windows that lead out to the patio and pool and will highlight the fantastic color of Chalk Sound. 

Ednil our CRO and team working hard on Villa Capri to get ready for the season!

Ednil our CRO and team working hard on Villa Capri to get ready for the season!

Our pool has been emptied, cleaned of glass and will be refilled as soon as possible. Again Island Escapes to the rescue and our good friend Ednil who is our CRO (Chief Repair Operator) is on it!

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 11.33.33 AM.png

I think that the biggest thing for us is what we can see...as our friend and neighbor Elen said "I'm seeing things I've never seen before." due to the wind burnt bushes and shrubs, But in no time it's coming back!

Bougainvillea along the house already coming back after just 8 days!

Bougainvillea along the house already coming back after just 8 days!

Anywhere where we can use this as an opportunity to make improvements we are, it's not just a cosmetic cover up. 

On a final note, we talked to a lot of people in the past day. The woman at immigration said that by November, things will be back to normal. The woman who shouts at people outside the airport for parking too long said that it's starting to pick up and she couldn't be happier about it. Our friend at one of our favorite restaurants said it was really, really bad when it was happening but the aftermath could have been way worse.

P.S. Because of the generosity of our friends who donated to our GoFundMe page were were able to secure and order 500 pieces of roofing plywood to be shipped here to TCI. It could help cover 100-200 homes. We increased our goal of $25,000 (which we reached today!) to $35,000 because why not help where we can. So we've used $11,000 so far and are on to make other donations. Thank you and please share with your friends.