The Perfect Day Trip to Parrot Cay

The private island of Parrot Cay has been longed looked as as a haven for beauty as well as celebrity. The likes of Bruce Willis, Christy Brinkley, Keith Richards and Robert De Niro all spend lots of time on Parrot Cay. So, why can't we? Well, we can! And maybe you can spot a celeb who's under 60!

Of course we want you to enjoy Villa Capri, your luxury vacation rental, but you gotta get out sometime and explore right?



There is one resort and only one resort on Parrot Cay, COMO Resort and Spa and you get there by boat; either theirs, or via Caicos Caribbean. 

You Need a Reservation

No last minute decisions here folks, they need to take care of their overnight guests first, which means that if it's crowded over there chances are your'e not getting in. Keith needs a beach chair after all (or a wheelchair, you decide!).  Also make reservations at this time for lunch and spa if you're doing that (more on that below). How do you request a resie? Email them at pcfrontoffice AT

How Much is It?

The "day pass" as of this writing is $100 per person. It basically gets you:

  • Transportation on their boat
  • A ride to COMO Parrot Cay, the resort
  • Beach chairs
  • Pool chairs
  • Non motorized watersports (Hobie, kayak, SUP)
  • Bicycles to explore the island
  • Trailhead, there is a 2.5 mile one way hiking/running trail to the water. if you're interested. 

How Do You Get There?

Once your reservation is confirmed, they'll tell you the exact departure times for the day you're spending there. Typically, you board the boat around 9ish. They have their own private dock located at the Leeward roundabout. Turn right towards Blue Haven then take your first left, go down to your 2nd right and you'll see the sign for Parrot Cay. It's not super well marked so be on the lookout. Park in the parking lot on the right, and wait in the luxury building they've built for you. Then sit back and enjoy a 25-30 minute boat ride past Little Water Cay (Iguana Island), Delis Cay and Pine Cay.


Once You Arrive...

Your 'chariot' awaits! A lovely person takes you on a 10-15 minute golf cart ride to COMO. Relax, they only go 5 miles an hour :-)


You'll probably get there just in time to eat breakfast, as they close around 10:30. We hear their breakfast is epic, but we wanted beach time!

Beach Time!

If you don't want breakfast head down the path to the beach to grab some beach chairs, they start to "go" around noon-ish so stake your claim.

Path to the beach!

Path to the beach!

The guys who set you up are amazing. Then order some Domaine OTT Rosé or a yummy mimosa and you're on your way to a beautiful and peaceful morning. 

You can't contain your happy!

You can't contain your happy!

Did Someone Say Lunch?

You can eat lunch wherever you want - the beach, the bar, the restaurant, the pool. We opted for the bar (shocker!) and this menu DOES NOT DISAPPOINT! We had the Pad Thai and the steak skewers, YUM! The bar overlooks the lovely ocean, beach and pool as does Lotus restaurant. 


Birthday Treats!

Last September we were supposed to go to Parrot Cay for Janine's birthday, but low and behold Irma and Maria stole it! We couldn't get back and COMO was closed for upgrades and repairs so we've been trying for the perfect day to get back there. At lunch we were surprised with a wonderful chocolate mousse birthday cake, thanks to our lovely host Caterina! Note: If you've got a special occasion, they make it even better. 

IMG_20180404_133611 (1).jpg

Back to the Beach, Pool OR SPA!

Ask for a golf cart escort to the spa or ride a bike so you can drink up every last minute of this awesome spot. We opted for the COMO Shambhala Massage and it was amazing. 90 minutes took some time away from the beach but it was totally worth it!! Get a cart and go back to the beach because the last boat leaves at 5ish, so continue soothing your soul with a refreshing bevvie. Make sure you get back to the main house by 4:45 so you don't miss it the cart back to the boat, or just miss it and stay :-)

The ginormous pool overlooks the turquoise waters!

The ginormous pool overlooks the turquoise waters!

All in all a wonderful day at Parrot Cay, we have Caterina our host to thank for that!


So get your butt to Parrot Cay, you'll love it. Who knows maybe you'll get a selfie with Bruce!