Dive Provo - (649) 946-5040

Dive Provo caters to experienced divers as well as novice divers and dive students. Owned and operated by Alan and Clare Jardine, both with over 30 years of dive industry experience, Dive Provo is dedicated to providing guests with convenient and trouble-free diving. All are experienced qualified professionals who love diving and want to show you the best of Turks and Caicos scuba diving. Area: Grace Bay Turks and Caicos Reef Fund Supporter

Provo Turtle Divers - (649) 946-4232

Established in 1970, provo Turtle Divers, Ltd. is the oldest and most experienced dive operation in the Turks and Caicos Islands. For over 44 years they have explored the reefs and walls of these islands, discovering new dive sites and uncovering some of the most unusual underwater spectacles accessible to divers in the Turks & Caicos. Area: Venetian Road Turks and Caicos Reef Fund Supporter

Aqua TCI - (649) 432 AQUA (2782)

Aqua Tci was formed to encompass all the great dive practices that Steph and Bill Wallwork, the founders, have seen and experienced from diving around the world. The Turks and Caicos Islands diverse aquatic wildlife, clear waters, relaxed diving and chilled island lifestyle, provides the ideal location for them to share with you their passion for diving. The idea is simple: the freedom provided by a small group of certified divers, combined with higher levels of personal service and professionalism, results in the best possible scuba diving in the Turks and Caicos. Area: Venetian Road Turks and Caicos Reef Fund Supporter

Flamingo Divers - (649) 946-4193

They take out only small groups of divers. Flamingo Divers dives Provo's three finest areas, all within an hour boat ride from their dock. The incredible walls of French Cay, West Caicos and Provo's Northwest Point will live in your memory for a lifetime. Area: Venetian Road Turks and Caicos Reef Fund Supporter

Big Blue Collective - (649) 231-6455

Big Blue Collective has been diving the Turks and Caicos since we started in 1997. Their small group concept of max 4 divers was the cornerstone of our philosophy. Less is more. Over fifteen years and tens of thousands of dives later, they still only dive in small groups (4-9) with no dive time limits and flexible dive profiles. Their dive team includes some of the most experienced and knowledgeable instructors on island who are not transient and some who have been diving here since the ‘80’s. We know the reefs, the sites and the best diving conditions. We are the ONLY operation that continually dives ALL the five major dive areas (Grace Bay, Pine Cay, North West Point, West Caicos and French Cay). We also venture further afield off the beaten path to South Caicos and beyond. Area: Leeward Turks and Caicos Reef Fund Supporter

Caicos Adventures - (649) 941-3346

Caicos Adventures is one of the oldest dive operations/scuba diving shops in Turks & Caicos. They have prospered by focusing on excellence in quality and service. As a premiere scuba diving shop in Providenciales, Turks & Caicos they are able to offer modern equipment, professional service and years of Turks and Caicos scuba diving experience. Area: Grace Bay

All of these diving companies support the Turks and Caicos Reef Fund by offering stickers, BCD tags and bracelets for purchase. Please ask them to buy one or donate on their site today. Save our reefs!