Remember, all products you buy are shipped via plane or boat to the Turks and Caicos Islands. Perishables have been refrigerated or frozen. Check dates on anything you buy, especially if it's "on sale." 


IGA - Leeward Highway - (649) 941-5000
Open 7am-10pm - Everything you need plus alcohol, beer and wine.

Graceway Gourmet - Grace Bay - (649) 333-5000
Open 7am-9pm - Smaller, upper-scale veggies, food and alcohol. 

Smart -  Downtown - (649) 333-5000
Great for staples and packaged goods. Some decent wine and alcohol. 

Caicos Mart - South Dock, right by Chalk Sound Drive - (649) 941-8662  
If you just need ice, bottled water, shampoo, detergent, packaged goods, beer or wine and you don't want to drive, this is your place. Good for a stop before Sapodilla Beach.