Providenciales has two small riding stables, each offering rides along the beautiful beaches of Providenciales. Located on the southeast side of the island, Provo Ponies is the island’s oldest stable and offers both group and private rides. Caicos Corral is located near Turtle Cove and offers private excursions for up to four guests.

Before rides, both stables give a quick introduction on equipment and safety, and offer guide led ponies for small children.

Provo Ponies

Initially started as a rescue operation for abandoned and abused horses, Provo Ponies operates out of Long Bay Hills and has a herd of 26.

The initial part of the standard Provo Ponies ride is along quiet roads, and then along Long Bay Beach. Riding in the ocean is allowed, along with trotting and cantering if conditions allow.

Guided rides are offered twice daily Monday to Friday and both 60min and 90min ride available. Reservations required. Weight limit of about 200 pounds and only one rider per horse. Minimum rider age of six.

Due to a wider selection of horses and equipment, Provo Ponies is probably the better choice for younger children.
(649) 241-6350

Caicos Corral

Caicos Corral is located on the Bight Beach and offer private guided rides along the beach for up to four guests. Times and types of rides are flexable, so decide if you want to swim, canter, or just have a slow walk along the beach.

Average rides are about one and a half hours. Hotel pickup included. Reservations required.
Area: Grace Bay