On the Beach!

Just Tacos

Talk about 'On The Beach', Just Tacos is the epitome of a cool toes in the sand place to grab a tasty bite for lunch. Plop yourselves down on one of the two long communal tables and get ready for a good time! And there's plenty of delish ones to choose from! Our go to's include the yellowfin with mango & soy in a crispy corn tortilla, smoked chicken with a local turks head beer glaze, and the pork belly with red onion in a flour tortilla. 

It's not all about the great food here, it's also the Garth and Andre show. These two guys are da best - fun, friendly and they make you feel like a local right off the bat. And it seems to rub off on everyone who eats there, every time we go we end up chatting up really friendly, happy and interesting folks. We love this place and hit it up for lunch every week. Go! 

Area: Grace Bay - (649) 946-5050

Omar’s Beach Hut

One of our faves. Make sure you say hi to owners Omar and Sonia who are the most loveliest people you will know! Located beside Fresh Fish Market in 5 cays right on the beach. With good food, good vibes and enough rum to take your stress away! You’re right on the beach, great music, amazing drinks and wonderful food. The staff is awesome. Make sure you get the wings, the nachos, the curry fish and just everything will rock your world.

Area: Five Cays - (649) 231-6691

Somewhere Cafe 

Hit up Somewhere Cafe, it's our go-to place on the island, and where we met our good friend Travis who now runs Mr. Mojito (look for his booth at the Thursday Fish Fry!) Anyhoo, it's right up the road (or a walk up the beach) from the swanky Gansevoort Hotel, and it's located in the Coral Gardens resort. We LOVE this place anytime during the day and night, they serve breakfast lunch and dinner and have some good live music at night. There's always a fun crowd here and we've met a lot of great folks just hanging at the bar that we end up making plans with later during our stays.

Bring a mask & snorkel if you've got it, you can walk right out to the beach and look at amazing fish, there's a coral reef right outside the restaurant. In the morning you can see sea turtles between a bevvy and your breakfast!  It's nachos, fajitas, burgers, salads, all extremely good. Our faves are the Beef Fajitas, Nachos, Chips & Salsa and the Somewhere Salad. Oh yeah, and a Corzo Reposada Margarita (rocks no salt)! 

Area: Grace Bay - (649) 941-8260

Ozmosis at the Palms

Feet in the sand! We only recently discovered this spot and it has quickly become a fave lunch destination. The people are a blast (the servers and the guests), the food is tasty and...you're on the beach! There's only about 8-10 stools but we've always scored a couple seats. Ozmosis shares the same menu as their pool restaurant Plunge and it includes something for everyone - salads, pizza, wraps, sandwiches, you get it. We really like the veggie wrap with roasted Portobello mushrooms, chick pea cream, smoked gouda cheese, fresh tomato and baby spinach leaves, all rolled up in a tomato tortilla; the pulled pork tacos and the greek salad. Oh yeah, and the perfectly chilled Minuty rosé! 

Area: Grace Bay - (649) 946.8666

Zest at the Gansevoort Hotel

We stayed at Gansevoort a time or two before we decided to plant some roots at Villa Capri. And we'd typically find ourselves either walking up the beach to Somewhere Café, or bellying up to the bar at Zest. This is a cool, kinda posh yet casual spot, nestled right before the beach.  Gansevoort runs a pretty tight ship, so as expected the service and food are really good. The menu is limited but that's OK by us. They serve lunch and dinner, with a bar + a handful of high tables on the right side and more of a dining area with 12-14 tables on the left side.

OK enough with the layout, here goes our recos: Chicken Spring Rolls, Yellowfin Tuna Ceviche, Chicken Skewers, & Snapper or Grouper Tacos. Hey, we snack here more than eat meals here but we reckon everything os good and they have a great menu!

Area: Lower Bight/Grace Bay - (888) 844 5986

Bay Bistro 

We like this place a lot. Clive the owner, chef and also caterer (Catering - Kissing Fish Company) has some really creative dishes. Plus you're in this cool plantation style open and airy spot at the Sibonné Beach Hotel, a funky spot, not like the snooty resorts. This place is down to earth and fun! Jerk lamb chops, blackened yellowfin tuna, and our favorite is the coffee rubbed tuna appetizer, yum! 

Area: Grace Bay - (649) 946-5396

Da Conch Shack

Go to this famous dive bar literally right on the beach (your toes will be in the sand) for a light lunch or dinner on the beach. Da Conch Shack has been featured on a few TV shows about fun Caribbean spots and here the 'thing to do' is to eat what's known as the Conch Pistol, aka Caribbean Viagra. We can't speak to the experience, but lotsa people go for it and seem to have fun! The menu is fried stuff and conch any way you like it, Mon. We really like the chicken wings and the mahi mahi with rice & peas. Buy a polished conch to take home with you - 1 per person allowed in your checked baggage.

Area: Blue Hills - (649) 946-8877

Ricky's Flamingo Cafe

All the locals refer to this 'hidden' beach bar as 'Ricky's Dive Bar', and it is a hidden gem. They don't advertise in any of the local tourist publications, and they don't have a sign or any directions. You really have to visit this spot,  it's (as are most) super laid back with a great island vibe.

This place has a great 'beach shack' vibe and yes, right on Grace Bay Beach. Pretty basic menu, all the usual suspects and for us it's more of a place to grab a few drinks rather than eat. But, they do have a good Jerk Chicken and enough bar type grub to fill you up & make you happy. Take a left at Opus Restaurant after the Provo Golf Club and drive to the sand. You're there.

Area: Grace Bay - (649) 242-7545

The Deck at Seven Stars

The Deck has quickly turned into one of our fave lunch spots! Why? The food, the people and the awesome setting right on Grace Bay Beach, that's why! First, the food. May sound weird that here in the land of seafood, I think they have some of the best spring rolls ever. Veggie Spring Rolls with a tasty spicy aioli. Yum! We also enjoy their Jerk Chicken Wings, Fish Tacos (one of the best values on the menu. Ahi Tuna Wrap and and Chicken Satay. We stay more on the 'snack' side of the menu but everything that comes out of the kitchen looks delish.

The folks that work here are super nice too. We always try to grab a bar seat but it's pretty small. But sitting at one of the high tops that face the sea is pretty good! And the servers are really professional but still with the fun, casual island vibe. 

And the setting - it's smack dab on the beach! 'Nuff said :) Note, The Deck is also open for dinner, we just haven't eaten dinner there yet.

Area: Grace Bay - (649) 941-7777

Las Brisas

Las Brisas is the only restaurant on Chalk Sound (our part of the Island), but they don't 'phone it in' like they have a monopoly.  It's located right on the nearest tip of Chalk Sound, and has a beach, which is rare for the Sound, which is more rocky. Las Brisas serves breakfast, lunch & dinner. We've had them all, and they are all very good! They definitely invested in a great kitchen and chef staff.

Hurricane Irma took out the bar and restaurant but that didn't stop them. They have a HUGE deck with spectacular views of Chalk Sound. Your breath will be taken away! Brisas has a large menu, with something for everyone - our faves are the Snapper Tacos (maybe the best on the island), Seared Tuna Nicoise Salad, Veggie Wrap and Nachos. They have a couple insane burgers that we've been too scared to order, but try one - our friends say they are tasty and more than enough for 2 people.

Insider tip: 'Las Brisas' means The Winds, so if you're eating a salad (or downwind from someone that is) watch for flying lettuce! Ask for Rolly at the bar. Note: Las Brisas is closed Tuesdays. 

Area: Chalk Sound - (649) 331-4328

Not beachy, but still islandy...


This cool and causal offshoot of our fave 'fancy' place Coco Bistro is a new fave of ours. Located just next to its sister restaurant, the theme is upscale street food and it's served out of a vintage 1974 Airstream trailer! Place your order, grab a number, order up your fave cocktail and sit at any of the numerous picnic-style tables under the grove of coconut palms. Our faves are the lobster mac & cheese balls and the tuna tataki on rice cakes but the menu changes frequently based on them getting the most fresh ingredients possible! Note - no reservations accepted.

Area: Grace Bay


This is a great place and we love the menu! They strive to use local ingredients whenever they can, and the food is always spot-on. It's not easy staying fresh and creative, but this spot is going on 20 years of doing just that. Coyaba is all outdoor seating and it's surrounded by trees and gardens, and has a casual yet classy vibe. Our faves are the edamame hummus (sounds weird but delish!) with taco chips, smoked paprika and sesame seeds: the veggie ravioli with mushrooms, basil tomato sauce, arugula & pine nut pesto; and the tandoori salmon with coconut curry & jasmine rice. Coyaba also has an extensive wine menu, so if you're a wino ;) you'll appreciate their selection. We do! We're not dessert people but they have a huge list that always looks tasty, plus who can resist ordering a 'popadickcornnuthole'?! 'Nuff said. 

Area: Grace Bay - (649) 946-5186

The Vix

Located in Regent Village right in the heart of Grace Bay, Vix is awesome! We also go there for breakfast, brunch and lunch in addition to dinner, or just to grab a happy hour cocktail and chat with the super fun and friendly folks (now friends) that work there. Vix has plenty of outdoor seating as well as a good size bar and indoor seating area. It's our go-to place to watch Golden State Warriors games, especially when they are playing the Cavs and the Lakers, ok just Lebron! As of mid-2018 Vix revamped their menu, adding many Chinese dishes including excellent home made spring rolls (both veggie & pork), 'stir fry your way' where you choose from a variety of proteins (tofu, beef, chicken, fish, etc.) and 4-5 sauces. They also have a delish Caribbean-Chinese fusion jerk chicken fried rice dish. Cool! 

Area: Grace Bay - (649) 941-4144

Le Comptoir Francais

If you're jonesing for a sandwich, this is the place! We hit up this packed little deli at least once a week for their killer sandos. They have excellent fresh bread (baked daily on island), super fresh ingredients, great portions and big value to boot! Our go-to's are the tuna salad w/ onion, tomato and lettuce and the roast beef w/ light mayo, onion, and lettuce. Both only $10! The Julien Classic (named for the owner) is also a fan fave, but seriously everything they make looks incredible. They also have a great selection of wines all at vary reasonable prices as well as take-out deli meats, cheeses and other snacks. Take a few sandwiches and a few bottles of cold wine and walk out to the beach! 

Area: Grace Bay - (649) 946-5299


Kalooki's is back! After getting the s*it knocked out of it by Hurricane Irma, Kalooki's reopened in early 2018 in its new location in Le Vele Plaza right in Grace Bay. And although it lost its 'on the beach' location that we loved, they brought the Caribbean beach vibe with them including using much of the original wood for the new bar and accents as well as their island-inspired menu. They have a casual and attractive interior and also plenty of outdoor seating as well. We like all their food, but some of our favorites are their jerk chicken wings, coconut-steamed snapper, and bbq ribs. All the people here, from the owner Malaika to the servers are super friendly!

Area: Grace Bay - (649) 339-2233

Simone's Bar & Grill

This awesome new place is right by Shark Bite (Simone used to manage there) and Mango Reef, two other of our faves located in Turtle Cove (10-12 minute drive from Villa Capri). Simone hands down makes what we think are the best chicken wings on the island, no matter what flavor. Why? She GRILLS them!

Simone is always working the place, behind the bar and is just a friendly, fun, straight-shooting woman. And Kay, her right-hand person is sweet, friendly and fun too. To date, we've only had lunch here and our faves include the Cobb Salad, Beef Dip (kinda a spin on the traditional French Dip) and, yes the wings. Spicy! They also serve Paella and some great looking curry dishes.  

Area: Turtle Cove - (649) 341-3031

Bella Luna Ristorante

Ok, we're Italian food snobs. And pizza snobs. I mean our Villa is named Villa Capri right? There's a reason for that. So we came here the first time with expectations in check....that were blown out of the water! This place is awesome. The pizza rocks, the vongole rocks, everything is great. You can even order Aperol Spritz. That's right. 

BL has a nice outdoor terrace to dine on, surrounded by enormous Coconut Palms and other snazzy vegetation, giving it a private, elegant but also comfortable, lived-in vibe. The place usually has a good crowd and everyone seems to be having fun; the owners also do a good job of meeting and chatting with the guests.

The service is very friendly and the food is delivered very timely. Some of our faves are the Pepperoni Pizza, which is a little too cheesy for us, but the mozzerrella has good quality, the sauce very fresh and the crust pretty thin. Not Napoli style, but very tasty! The Gazpacho is also good, with great seasoning and just a hint of heat.  For mains, the Linguine with Clams & Beef Carpaccio are tops for us. Of course, there are no fresh clams on the islands, but the pasta is perfect al dente, the clams are as fresh as could be, flown in daily and nice and small. The Carpaccio is equally good - nice and simply prepared as it should be. They also have a nice wine list, with lots of options for any budget. Note: they also have a separate, but attached Pizzeria with a full pizza menu.

Area: Grace Bay - (649) 946-5214

Baci Ristorante

OK, if we haven't mentioned this before: we are pizza snobs! Oh yeah, we just mentioned that above. Whatever, you shouldn't travel to the Caribbean looking for the best pies in the land. But we do get a hankering for pizza, and this place has really good thin crust (you can also order thicker crust) pizzas! Last time we were here, we figured on ordering a whole pie and just snacking on a piece or two, but wolfed the whole thing down. 

This place is located right on the water (harbor) in Turtle Cove and is kind of an open air space with several tables right on the water. It's not 'fancy' but is a very nice yet comfortable spot with - bonus - a bar you can order from and eat at. They have a traditional LARGE Italian menu - antipasti, salads, & soups; lots of pasta although we're not big fans of cream sauces which many of the pasta dishes are served with; lasagne bolognese which we really have to try; and all sorts of veal, chicken and beef dishes too. Oh yeah, and a "build your own" type of pizza menu too. 

Baci is located right next to Shark Bite (see the "Beachy but not Islandy" section above) , so sometimes we'll do a double header and hit them both! Open for lunch M-F 12-2 & dinner M-S 6-10, closed Sunday.

Area: Turtle Cove - (649) 941-3044

Big Al's Island Grill 

We love Big Al's! Known for the ultimate slider challenge of course. Basically you have 30 minutes to eat 12 sliders and a pile of onion rings to hopefully join the slider ‘Wall of Fame’ and win a Slider Challenge tshirt! They have some great veggie burgers, wraps and salads as well as wings, nachos and poppers! Great for families and you get AC! Great diner-style decor too! 

Area: Salt Mills Shopping Plaza, Grace Bay - (649) 941-3797

Mango Reef

Mango is probably the most upscale spot in the area, and still shiny new! It's situated right on the marina so has nice harbor views. This is a big restaurant, with 2 bar areas (one close up by the parking, the other further back) and loads of table seating. The staff here has always been friendly and attentive, although we can really only speak to the bar service, that is where we grab cocktails and food.

The menu? HUGE. Everything from salads to quesadillas & wraps to pastas & curries to sandwiches and of course lotsa seafood. Some of our faves include the vegetable spring rolls, Thai tuna salad, char-grilled grouper and lobster ravioli. Note: These guys are open for breakfast, lunch & dinner. 

Area: Turtle Cove - (649) 946-8200

Via Veneto

This place serves some really great "off the boat" Italian. Why? Because Aldo the owner and Tiziano the chef are literally from Italy. They get truffle mushrooms and have special homemade pastas with it. Their snapper is delicious and enough for 2! Bonus? They just made every night Pizza night! They've got a special pizza oven out back where they're cranking out margarita pizzas and about 10 others you'll drool over. The Italian wine selection is over the top, we can get our favorite white wine from Capri here; Falanghina!

We LOVE the modern decor here with beautiful white marble and clean accents. You can also pick up some Italian delicacies from the grocery to bring back to the villa! Only dinner served here. 

Area: Grace Bay, Ports of Call - (649) 946-8888

Shark Bite

Shark Bite is located right on Turtle Cove in the marina and it's a cool casual spot. We come here at least once every trip. The menu is a little bizarre sometimes with some pretty heavy, non-island types of food for specials, but we come here for the Jerk Chicken Salad and the Wings.

They actually have a chicken wing menu that is pretty extensive. It's located right on the marina so lots of boats to watch coming and going. And although we haven't seen any, lotsa folks say they have seen sharks swimming around. 

Area: Turtle Cove - (649) 941-5090

Turks Kebab

This shack (we mean that in a good way) is right off of Leeward Highway on the way to Grace Bay. It is what the name implies - Turkish style kebabs, and they do it right. They have a lamb and beef gyro cooking all day, and excellent chicken dishes. Just like we judge Mexican restaurants by the quality of their salsa, we judge these places by the basics too - Hummus for instance. Theirs is fantastic! The menu here is pretty big with something for everyone - lots of salads, veggie pita sandwiches, about a dozen 'meat' dishes including fish, wings and of course including Gyros and Chicken or Lamb & Beef kebabs. 

They also have a good wine and beer list as well as the hard stuff. Even though this shack is right off the road, it's a really cool place to stop for a bite and hang out on their deck. Plus it's one of the most affordable spots around! Oh yeah, they are very nice people to boot. Try Zemar's hot sauce and buy a bottle to go!

Area: Grace Bay - (649) 431-9964


Adding to the list of Italian deliciousness is Lupo right in Regent Village on Grace Bay. We love this cozy casual place for both lunch and dinner! We love the meatballs, arancini and pizzas, but our favorites are the tagliatelle bolognese and the homemade ravioli stuffed with mushroom and truffle. YUM! We love a good Aperol Spritz here as we nosh on Italian olives and chat with friendly folks! Sit outside and enjoy the breeze or duck inside for some AC on a hot day! Closed Sundays. 

Area: Grace Bay - (649) 431-5876

Danny Buoys

Hey every dot on the map has to have the default Irish bar, and you just found it!  It's a non Irish Irish Bar on a beautiful island, what could go wrong? They have lotsa TVs playing lotsa sports, an outdoor area, those cheesy poker machines mounted into the bar, a small casino...all the things you'd expect and they are open 'til 2a, which is late for this island!

We don't want to short-change the eats here (not for the "health conscious", we like the tacos for two, veggie sandwich, the chili and the loaded potato skins (think nachos sub chips for sliced potatoes!) 

Area: Grace Bay - (649) 946-5921

Kin Khao Thai

If you're jonesing for great Thai (or even 'Asian') food, this is your place. Kin Khao serves up the most authentic and affordable Thai on the island. Maybe they save on rent being located just off Leeward Highway! We don't care about the location, and actually enjoy grabbing one of the tables that are basically in the parking lot. There's a unique ambiance to it that reminds us both of grabbing a casual bite or street food in Thailand. It's a family-run biz and they are one very sweet family. The red curry dishes are awesome, and if it's lobster season make sure to get your red curry with it. They also have great fried rice and if you're lucky, tom ka gai soup (ask for it, sometimes they save it for just the family!)

Notes: it's great for take-out too. It's cash only and the nearest  ATM is the Graceway market on Leeward (a few minutes drive away).

Area: Leeward Highway - (649) 941-2861

Yoshi's Sushi Bar & Japanese Restaurant

We've eaten at Yoshi's several times, and have always had a great time. Yoshi gets excellent, fresh fish and has classics like the Spicy Tuna Roll and some of his own creations as well like Lobster Tempura Roll (we like rolls!). I love sushi and sashimi and rolls and being from San Francisco think I have a pretty high bar. Janine isn't a big fan of sushi but likes some cooked dishes like Gyoza and rolls, which Yoshi serves up excellently. Some of our current faves include Pan Fried Pork & Veggie Gyoza (Dumplings), Hamachi Tartare, Crunchy Shrimp Roll, & the Lobster Tempura Roll.

They also have a small but top-quality sake menu, our favorite is the Wakatake Demon Slayer.

The decor is kinda traditional Japanese sushi bar, so no big surprises there, and it's very comfortable. Plus, the servers are all very nice and often you'll see the owner Yoshi behind the bar. He's very fun, friendly and interesting to chat with. 

Area: Grace Bay (649) 941-3374

Feeling Fancy Pants?

Coco Bistro

Hands down, this is our favorite fancy-shmancy spot on Provo (yet you can still wear your flip flops!) Set in the middle of a humongous Coconut Palm grove, it's both a beautiful venue and an awesome culinary experience! So when you want to "step out" and have some really good food...make a reservation well in advance! The couple times we've called in for a resie for a few days out we've been told they're booked out 2-3 weeks solid. But does that deter J&J? Nope, we just go to the outdoor bar area, and turn into stalkers. Just kidding about the stalking part ;) Maybe you can score a table or one of the few seats at the tiny lounge area. 

We've been lucky, and about the longest we've had to wait (with a drink in our hands of course) was about 20-30 minutes and that was for a party of 6. If possible though we grab a bar seat and chat with Derrick he works the bar. They are awesome! Our favorite dishes are the Spicy Shrimp Tacos, Tuna Tatake, Grilled Shrimp Satay, and the Red Curry Snapper over Jasmine Rice. The food and service here is really superior. You're not on the beach but in the dark, you can't see it anyway:-)  Note: Closed on Monday.

Area: Grace Bay - (649) 946-5369


What an awesome addition to the high-end dining scene here! Sui-Ren (the Japanese word for water lily) opened late 2016 and has quickly become an 'it' place to be. Great vibe, ambiance and food all rolled up into one great experience. Located in the gorgeous Shore Club resort on Long Bay Beach, they pull off what sounds like a random fusion concept of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine. Each style is served separately as well as several entrees that are true fusions. Pretty cool! There's Peruvian dishes like anticucho - traditional flame-grilled angus beef, pork or lamb - and several ceviche choices. Then, there's Japanese dishes like...well, sushi of course! As well as a great selection of rolls and yaki - simply grilled proteins like local mahi mahi or lobster tail. Then, the fusion kicks in! There are 6-8 entrees that blend the to styles, including mole glazed duck breast with spiced chili yuzu and black bean croquetas and Inca tuna with sweet miso, crispy quinoa, grilled scallion and zucchini. 

We love to snack on the prawn and broccoli tempura, the angus beef anticucho (YUM!), and our fave entree is the Inca tuna. All the sushi is super fresh and delish as well.

Bonus - you can get the full dinner menu at the beautiful wooden bar. If you haven't heard, we're bar people ;) Bonus #2? For such a incredible meal & ambiance it's not OTT expensive! 

Area: Long Bay - (649) 339-8000

72 West and Plunge Bar at the Palms Regent

This spot is in The Palms, a very nice resort in Grace Bay. Their snobby high end spot (we have not dined there, it's probably great) is in the courtyard away from the beach so like that Plunge is near the bar, pool and beach. First, it's a nice setting; not directly on the beach but right there and you get great sunsets. The service is impeccable - professional, attentive and fun/friendly. We had Nicole, if you get her, you're lucky. 

OK, the food...top notch. Here's some recos:

  • Red Snapper w/ Chimichurri Sauce: Awesome. Skin on which we're not cool with but it was easy to peel off. The fish was super fresh, local and grilled perfectly. The Chimichurri sauce (you can choose from 4-5 sauces) was great. 

  • Truffle Mac & Cheese: This is a side dish w/ the Snapper (choose from mashed potatoes, dirty rice, mac & cheese): you HAVE TO HAVE THIS SIDE! It's worth exercising an extra 30 minutes  the next day:)

  • Coconut shrimp: very lightly breaded, nice and plump served with a spicy dipping sauce. 

Area: Grace Bay - (649) 946-8666