That's one day when Chalk Sound was very calm a beautiful sunrise from Villa Capri :-)


It can be easy, or it can be long depending on how many planes are in when you land. Saturday and Sunday in high season (Jan-March) can be challenging since it’s spring break for many. Each family member fills out an immigration form, and one customs form per family. You may have to stand on a line for 30-40 mins through immigration. You pick up your luggage you’ll probably go to the “Nothing To Declare” line since you probably have nothing to declare.


Easy as Sunday morning. Provo has a tiny airport with one way in, and one way out. 

Our awesome property managers, Island Escapes, will greet you at the airport when you rent with:

  • Grace Bay car rental
  • Alamo
  • Budget
  • Tropical car rental
  • Sixt
  • Rent a buggy

Island Escapes will meet you at the car rental office when you rent with:

  • Dollar/Hertz
  • Avis/Payless
  • Thrifty

They will have your name on a sign waiting for you. Then, they’ll escort you to the villa which is a short 10-15 minute drive. Everything is a short 10-15 drive here!

As soon as you know your flight information and car rental agency please let me know, and we'll coordinate with Island Escapes.


Yes there is wifi at the Villa. Being on an island it does tend to go down now and then and it’s not really meant for high capacity use.


The Graceway IGA is a large grocery shop where you can find just about anything you want,  and it's a 15 minute drive. If you want some fancier gourmet-ish type of food you can check out Graceway Gourmet just another 5 minutes drive. Here’s more info.

Word to the wise: Always check the expiry dates on the food. We live on an island where we have to bring everything in on a boat or a plane. There are times when our lovely islanders don't pay attention to the dates.

If you want the Villa stocked, we recommend Gourmet Catering, they have an online form you can fill out, and you’ll be stocked up when you walk in.


We get this question all the time, "how much will it cost?" I hate the answer "that depends" but it really does. Do you want family style pasta? That's going to be way cheaper than a chef who comes over to prepare fresh lobster or filet mignon meals on the grill. So I would say, go to our Private Chefs page and give them a shout. We especially love Tiziano and Clive but you can't go wrong with any of them. Let them know what you’re thinking, and they’ll put together a plan for a memorable meal.


There are plenty of fresh fish places on island, we’ve listed the ones we like on our site.


The IGAs all have a great selection, The Wine Cellar is great too. Imported beer is expensive but the local beer is great. NOTE: YOU CANNOT BUY ALCOHOL ON SUNDAYS SO STOCK UP! (But if you forget, you can always have drinks at a bar, or ask for a bottle of vino ‘to go’!) You can also buy a few bottles of duty free at the airport. AND you can have the refrigerator stocked before your Sunday arrival with the folks at Gourmet Catering.


1. Make a reservation at Coco Bistro now! They have some of the best food on the island and they book up well in advance. If you can't get a resie, you can always stop by and see what the wait is. Great news - they have a street food version of their upscale stuff at CocoVan in their parking lot and it's freaking good! No reservations accepted at Cocovan, just go order at the Airstream grab a number and a drink and plant it at one of the Coconut Palm shaded picnic tables.

2. Go to the Island Fish Fry on Thursday (it’s only on Thursdays)

The Island Fish Fry is cool, because you get a taste of all of the great fish, chicken or steak dishes on our island. There is live entertainment, a great sunset, great food, and souvenirs to buy. Our faves: the Cool Runnings tent for yummy tacos, any bar tent, Smokey’s (if they’re there) for awesome snapper, any tent for conch fritters, Coco Vibes for drinks out of drilled coconuts. For a cool souvenir for a lady, The Wellington Collection. If Wellington is there he’s great, he makes jewelry out of sand from Turks and Caicos.

3. Take a half day (or full day) boat adventure with Island Vibes. For the ½ day version, you’ll  snorkel for 45 minutes or so, then off to Iguana Island Yes, inhabited only by Iguanas!) to chill, meet some lizard friends (optional!, but we always like to count how many we see), and enjoy some fresh conch salad and rum punch. After that, it’s time to turn 14 again - there's a slide and a diving board and the crew always finds a great spot to stop for some swimming. You have two options when you book -  go on "the bus" where you don't know the other folks but they end up being your friends by the end of it (~$90pp) OR go big or go home and reserve a boat all to yourself for about $1200 for the half day. It's one of our fave things to do with anyone who visits us and we only go with Dr. Dre and Big Mike as our captains! Ask for them and tell them Janine & John sent you!

4. Take a jetski or paddleboard right from Sapodilla Bay (3 minute drive from the Villa) with Tropical Waves. Tell them you're staying with us and they'll cut you a deal. After that, relax on the beach or hang out in the shallow, calm sea. Perfect for kids, and great for adults too.

5. Get up early one day, like 8am, get the snorkels and head to Somewhere Cafe on Grace Bay. Right in front of the restaurant is a reef that is roped off. You can't go inside the ropes but you don't need to, you’ll see so many fish it's crazy. As you're facing the reef, start on the left hand side and go out away from the reef to the sea grass. You'll see the most amazing sea turtles ever. Then after you make a round, head up to Somewhere Cafe for breakfast and bloodies and maybe one of our faves Derrick is there! It’s really worth it to get there early, just around sunrise - there’s no crowds, the light is great and the fish are very active! On season Somewhere Cafe opens around 8:30. 

6. We have not yet done the ‘horseback riding in the water’ thing, BUT we've had friends do it and it was life changing. Check out Provo Ponies or Caicos Corral for that.

For all other activities check them out on the Villa Capri site under Activities.


You're not dealing with a second rate place here so yes there is a hair dryer in each of the 4 ensuites. There is also:

  • Small soaps and shampoo/conditioners
  • Towels
  • Beach towels
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Dish detergent
  • Dish cloths
  • Some spices, at the least salt and pepper
  • Washer/Dryer
  • Mid-week light cleaning (if you need more we can arrange)


We've had people who do not have a problem with the water, but in general we drink the filtered water that comes from the refrigerator, as it tastes just fine.  You can also buy gallon jugs at any store (those tiny pint bottles just contribute to pollution). Bottom line with international travel: be safe, not sorry.


“Yes” is the short answer and there are sand fleas too (no-see-ums). Luckily in Chalk Sound there is usually a breeze so it helps keep them away. However, being very attractive to all of these I, Janine, always recommend applying a liberal coat of repellent, especially in the morning and in the early evening,

You may also see a bug (or two) in the villa. Yes, they will come in and yes we do have pest control but we can’t possibly always get them. So you may find a dead bug here and there. Just scream for a guy and have him come get them and dispose!


Yes we do. Currently we have 2 Pack and Plays and we always encourage parents to bring their own sheets as we do not have any at the villa (primarily because parents usually like to bring their own sheets). We have one high chair and one rocking chair if there is an infant who likes to rock to sleep :-)